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Photos of Mirror Spiders with Silvery ‘Scales’ That Grow and Shrink


For several years now, Singaporean macro nature photographer Nicky Bay has been focusing his lens on spiders that have mirror-like reflective abdomens, which he calls mirror spiders. Certain species have mirror-like scales on their abdomens that change size depending on the spiders’ mood. “The “silver-plates” on the abdomen seem to …

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Leica and Huawei Team Up to Launch a New Research Center


Leica and Huawei are taking their photography partnership to a new level. Just 5 months after the launch of the Huawei P9 smartphone, which features dual Leica cameras, the two companies have announced the creation of a new research and innovation center to push photography forward. The Max Berek Innovation …

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London Noir: The Beauty of Black and White


My name is Zarko Panic, and I’m a London-based photographer specialising in noir style imagery. My city and everything in it represents the main source of inspiration, which I try to capture in the rawest way possible. I’ve been shooting with Leica for a while, which allows me to be …

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